Favorite Places to Shop on SI

In late 2017, City Harvest's Healthy Retail program ran a survey at the two Staten Island Mobile Markets (Stapleton and Mariners Harbor), the Trinity Lutheran, Project Hospitality, and Community Health Action pantries, and Beacon Christian Community Health Center and Community Health Center of Richmond on Canal St. to find out where people shopped:

  • Did they stay in their neighborhoods or did they travel?
  • Did they buy fresh produce in the bodegas and delis near their homes or did they buy it in supermarkets?
  • Which supermarkets did they favor?

The survey was given in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. The results are in and there are a few surprises: Click here for a PDF version of the report.

The City Harvest report adds to the work done by the Mayor's Office (see Improving access to affordable food in New York City).

The Mayor's Office of Food Policy has followed up with a pilot on Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx that offers prepaid "Healthy Savings" cards to registered pantry members and health care providers (Community Health Action of Staten Island has been registering clients on Staten Island).

Participants with a Healthy Savings card can save 50 percent off the price of fresh produce and an average of 25-30 percent off additional healthy food items such as lean meats, milk, bread, yogurt, beans, and cereal from 200 participating food companies.

Stop & Shop® and Western Beef® are the first retailers to offer the program on Staten Island. A scan of the card or app at checkout instantly discounts the foods, giving savings of up to $10 a week ($520 a year) on fresh fruits and vegetables to the shopper.

Great Neighborhood Stores on SI

Seven Staten Island stores were recognized at the January 30, 2018, Difference Makers certificate ceremony at St. John’s University, Staten Island. Click here for more information about the stores and the event.

The My Plate Challenges

Spanish My Plate

Mexican, Peruvian

The Mexican and Peruvian My Plate Challenge was held on October 31, 2014, in Port Richmond.


West African My Plate

West African

The West African My Plate Challenge was held at the YMCA New Americans Welcome Center, 465 Vanderbilt Ave., in Stapleton.


Sri Lankan My Plate

Sri Lankan

The Sri Lankan My Plate Showcase is in the works.


What's next?

What's next?

See what's on tap for 2017 and 2018!



The Staten Island Neighborhood Food Initiative (SINFI) is a coalition of City Harvest, Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness, and other businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to making Staten Islanders healthier one neighborhood at a time by increasing access to and demand for healthy fruits and vegetables.

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