The My Plate Challenge: Port Richmond

The Port Richmond My Plate Challenge was held on October 31, 2014. Challengers owned or managed delis and restaurants along a stretch of Port Richmond Avenue known for its concentration of Mexican, Peruvian, Guatemalan, and other South- and Central-American businesses. The judges were Culinary Arts students at Port Richmond High School.

Monte Alban Mexican
Monte Alban supermarket

170 Port Richmond Avenue
Grilled turkey and cactus salad / Ensalada de pavo y cactus a la parrilla, $8

FIRST PLACE: Key Food Deli Department
Photo by Pam Silvestri, SI Advance

331 Port Richmond Avenue
Grilled Caesar chicken salad / Ensalada de pollo a la parrilla $4.99

EHR Corporation Grocery Store
EHR Corporation with visiting 
nutritionist and chef.

151 Port Richmond Avenue
Turkey, Swiss cheese, and salad on whole wheat tortilla, $5

THIRD PLACE: Sara Restaurante Peruano
Photo by Pam Silvestri, SI Advance

1569 Castleton Avenue
Rotisserie chicken, salad with special dressing / Pollo alabrasa, $7

Photo by Pam Silvestri, SI Advance

131 Port Richmond Avenue
Handmade corn tortilla quesadilla with chicken, cheese, tomato and lettuce, $6

Plaza San Jeronimo
Plaza San Jeronimo

465 Port Richmond Avenue
Thin-sliced steak plate with black beans, peppers, and corn tortilla, $8

5 de Mayo
5 De Mayo

392 Port Richmond Avenue
Grilled chicken, salad, cactus, black beans, $8

Los Potrillos
Los Potrillos

150 Port Richmond Avenue
Steamed tilapia fillet with vegetables escabeche & rice / Filete de pescado empapelado con vegetales en escabeche y arroz, $10


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