The Nominations, Fall 2017

SINFI and SIPCW asked Staten Islanders for the names of stores or restaurants with fresh produce, local ownership, healthy and tasty food, ethnic diversity and authenticity, and owners and managers who love their neighborhoods.

Five stores will be recognized at the January 30, 2018, Difference Makers certificate ceremony at St. John’s University, Staten Island. SINFI members will evaluate all the nominees and select the five stores.

Student Input

As part of the St. John’s University Difference Makers program, students in Tottenville High School’s graphic design classes developed window decals.

One of the two Tottenville High School teams.

One of the two Tottenville High School teams.

The second team with the window decal.

The second team with the window decal.

The decal:

Nomination decal image

Difference Makers is a college-readiness program that teaches high school students about providing service to the community and helps them to achieve their required service hours for high school graduation. Difference Makers is led by Dr. William Reisel, professor of management at St. John’s University.

Students and friends of the Center for Intercultural Advancement at Wagner College translated the online surveys into Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. See if you'd like to see the surveys.

The Nominations & Comments

What is the restaurant's or store's name? Where is it located? What are the intersecting streets? Why do you like this store or restaurant?
120 Bay Cafe120 Bay St. near Slosson TerraceVery good food, often innovative, Bohemian atmosphere
A&C Superette876 Manor Rd.Excellent food and service. Food is always fresh and prepared daily.
Adobe Blues63 Lafayette Ave.Great beer selection, wings, chimichanga.
Adobe Blues63 Lafayette Ave.Love the atmosphere.
Adobe Blues63 Lafayette Ave.Great local spot, good service.
Applebee'sRichmond Ave.I like the food and the drinks.
Applebee'sRichmond Ave 
Applebee'sNew Dorp LaneBecause the food is good.
Applebee'sRichmond AveHamburgers, potatoes
Avocado Sushi4906 Arthur Kill Road between Richmond Valley Rd and South Bridge Street, TottenvilleNutritionally tasty food in aesthetially pleasing setting.
Bagel Depot3854 Richmond Ave., Mosley Ave.

Great food.

Basilio InnGanesvort & Sand LaneUses fresh veggies and fruits from garden. Classic Italian food.
Baya Bar6833 Amboy Rd. It has healthy food that tastes good.
Bayou1072 Bay St.I love their Cajun cuisine, absolutely delicious.
Beso11 Schuyler St.The food is wonderful and authentic, yet inventive.
Beso11 Schuyler St. Fantastic food.
BesoSt. GeorgeFood is delicious and atmosphere is great!!
Beso11 Schuyler St., Richmond Terrace, down by courtsDelicious Spanish food in a warm and cozy space. Love this place!!
Beso11 Schuyler Street Excellent tapas and sangria; warm atmosphere; casual, attractive setting; owner is a local and all staff are very friendly and helpful.
Best Coffee ShopWright St. and Canal St. They have the best breakfast sandwiches and are very nice to everyone.
Better Gourmet Health KitchenVictory Blvd.Vegetarian selection.
Better Gourmet Health Kitchen400 Forest Ave.I like this store because they have good healthy food.
Big Time Produce1361 Forest Ave.

Always fresh and reasonable prices.

Big Time Produce1361 Forest Ave.Las frutas y verduras son frescas y el lugar esta limpio. (The fruit and vegetables are fresh and the place is clean.)
Bin 51233 Bay St.The food is well prepared and the menu changes frequently with imaginative dishes. Good service.
Blue1115 Richmond TerraceConvenient.
Blue115 Richmond TerraceI like the service and the food.
Brothers PizzaForest Ave.Amazing pizza and stromboli.
BrunoForest Ave. 
Burger KingForest Ave.Children friendly.
Cafe LunaHylan Blvd./Quintard St.Food is consistently well-prepared. Favorite: Grilled calamari over arugula salad.
Call It a Wrap1198 Forest Ave.Their food is always fresh, hot, and tasty. They use real fruit in their drinks and smoothies.
Call It a Wrap1198 Forest Ave.The food is always healthy ad they use real fruit and vegetables.
Call It a Wrap1198 Forest Ave.They always use fresh fruits and vegetables in their main courses.
Call It a Wrap1198 Forest Ave.The food is excellent and always fresh and nutritious.
Call It a Wrap1198 Forest Ave.The owner is a caring person. She donates sandwiches and fruit to the disabled.
Campo BelloBroad St.Because it has my favorite Spanish foods.
Campo BelloTompkins Ave. and Broad St.Best Dominican food in Staten Island.
Charmar SuperetteWall St. and Stuyvesant Place

Best ciders and craft beers. Also has veggies!

Charmar SuperetteWall St. and Stuyvesant PlaceFresh veggies and my fave hot sauce.
Craft House60 Van Duzer St.Great BBQ and Allagash.
Craft House60 Van Duzer St.A hot place to be with a great assortment of drinks and mouth-watering food. I love it.
Craft House60 Van Duzer St.My favorite beer is available in a pitcher. The brisket is amazing.
CuestaPort Richmond Ave. and Harrison St.Vegetales y fruta fresca.
Dana & Farh Corporation2722 Richmond Terrace off of Simonson.Mike's a good guy.
Dazzle Gourmet Bagels and DeliBrandis Ave. and Gurley Ave.The store manager was very friendly when we moved to area and often has our Saturday morning breakfast ready before we get there.
Duzer's Local CafeVan Duzer and BeachGreat vibe, nice staff.
Duzer's Local CafeVan Duzer and BeachGreat vibe!
Duzer's Local Cafe387 Van Duzer St.Great coffee, perfect for neighborhood and great vibes.
Duzer's Local CafeVan Duzer and BeachFresh, friendly local cafe.
Duzer's Local CafeVan Duzer and BeachFriendly baristas, interesting organic and gourmet food for sale, great atmosphere.
Duzer's Local Cafe387 Van Duzer stIt's clean - yummy pastries - delicious coffees & soups - the place has an amazing Vibe!!!
El Patron520 Bay St.Because they have nice quesadillas y big nachos
El Patron520 Bay St.Great Mexican food
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.

They have so much! Fresh hummus with fresh carrots, brown rice with kale carrots and cabbage. Lemon mustard on tahini and teas and banana smoothies.

ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.Soups, sandwiches, salads, fair trade coffee, Earth conscious and peaceful place to be!
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.Just AWESOME!
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.Clean, safe, healthy, respectful, peaceful, environmentally and socially conscious.
ETG Book CafeLittle Bay and Bay.It is fresh and awesome.
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.It's clean, safe, socially & environmentally conscious and serves fair trade coffee and healthy food.
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.Green food, great people, great entertainment. It is a sanctuary.
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.They have great choices! ETG Bowl with Tuna, Banana Smoothie with Spirulina, Homemade Hummus with Carrots, Teas!!
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.This community cafe practices conscious, environmental and socially responsible in their everyday practice while feeding us wholesome food.
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.The food is healthy and delicious!!
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.Great food, music, atmosphere, staff, books. It's like going back to the 60's. Very cool.
ETG Book Cafe208 Bay St.The cafe advocates sustainability.
ETG Book Cafe 208 Bay St. The fresh vegetables and soups and sandwiches are healthy and delicious!
Family FruitHylan Blvd.The prices are great and the food is great.
Food UniverseTompkins Ave. and Greenfield Ave.

Great fruit and vegetables.

Fuel Fever114 Hylan Blvd.Healthy, quick delivery
Genki Sushi262 Arden Ave.Nice staff. Good and fresh food.
Gerardi's Farmers MarketRichmond TerraceAlways fresh and great variety.
Gerardi's Farmers MarketRichmond Terr and FranklinVery fresh, from Jersey often, excellent quality fruits, vegies, wonderful plants and shrubs.
Gerardi's Marketplace561 Richmond Terrace between Franklin and LafayetteFriendly and supportive staff with good values in fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, it is not open year-round.
Golden's DeliRichmond Ave.Good food--great pickles.
GoodfellasVictory Blvd.Great food, nice prices.
Heidi's DeliLafayette Ave. and Henderson Ave.It's very friendly. Fresh products. Great people work there. Regular friendly neighborhood store.
Ho'Brah Taco JointForest Ave. and Sharon Ave.Authentic Mexi-Cali cuisine. Fresh ingredients. Awesome and friendly staff.
Ho'Brah Taco JointForest Ave. and Sharon Ave.Love Mexican food. Salsa fresh.
Ho'Brah Taco JointForest Ave.Porque la comida es fresca y de muy buena calidad (Because the food is fresh and of very good quality)
Ihop935 Richmond Ave. 
Island Roti Shop65 Victory Blvd.Makes one of my favorite snacks--beef rotis.
Jamdung1310 Forest Ave.Authentic Jamaican restaurant, great atmosphere
JCC's Cafe: B&Y CateringJCC, 1466 Manor Rd.

There are programs all day here and it's always a good thing to bring fruits to people. Availability of fresh and exotic fruit and veg for fair price.

Jimmy MaxWatchogue Rd. and WooleyExcellent food and service. Very friendly atmosphere.
Jody's Club ForestForest Ave. near Sharon Ave.The food is delicious and great selection of daily specials.The owner and staff are welcoming and make you feel at home.
Joe & Pat's1758 Victory Blvd.Delicious food, great pizza
Juquilita Laundry & Deli Corp.Broadway and CaryPorque encuentro casas Mexicanas (Because I find Mexican homes)
Key FoodBay St.Service.
La PiazzaRichmond Ave.Cheap and good.
Lanka GroceryCebra and VictoryRice flour, many types of fresh fruits and vegetables, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Leo's Deli1153 Forest, Dubois.Authentic Eastern European food, wonderful owner.
Los PotrillosPort Richmond Ave.Authentic Mexican food, with great vegetable and vegetarian dishes.
Maizal940 Bay StreetLove their homemade, freshly made guacamole--it is absolutely delicious.
Maizal940 Bay StreetGreat food.
MaizalBay St. 
Marie's 2 5 Hyatt StVery fresh, generous servings, nice bistro atmosphere, amazing desserts and they deliver
Marina CafeMansion Ave.Everything.
Met Foods 1795 Victory Blvd Fresh vegetables, good fruits, large selection, well displayed.
Met Foods1795 Victory BlvdBeautiful produce section, clean, organized, great management.
Mezcal'sBradley Ave. and Victory Blvd.Food is delicious and sangria is good! :^)
Mezcal'sBradley Ave.  
Mike's Unicorn Diner2944 Victory Blvd.Close to my home by walking. Good, clean, and nice.
Mikey'sTottenville, Amboy Rd.Delicious soft bagels and quick service.
Milk and ThingsForest Ave. between Elizabeth and BroadwayThe deli clerks are very nice and polite and the food is fresh every day.
Molo987 Bay St.Great food.
Noodlefan1809 Victory Blvd.Great vegetarian options!
Oaxaca Pizzeria Deli & TaqueriaCastleton Ave. y Taylor St. 
On Your Mark Cafe639 Forest Ave.

Delicious, healthy food and works with developmentally disabled individuals.

O'Neill'sForest Ave.Ireland feeling and the Irish food is delish! Great staff.
Panera Bread2965 Veteran's Rd. W.They have good healthy food. But I like the grilled cheese and the mac and cheese.
Pastosa'sRichmond Rd. near Targee St.Always fresh food and a wide variety.
Paulie's and Errigo's500 Bay St.Food is excellent. Grows his own herbs. Beautiful interior and garden in back.
Pepperjack GrillManor Rd.Food.
PerkinsForest Ave.The food is great and the women there as well.
Pho MacRichmond Ave.Delicious food.
Pier 7676 bay StreetIncredible salads and thin crust pizzas.
Pizza Plaza70 New Dorp PlazaPorque hacen buena comida. (Because they make good food.)
Real Madrid2075 Forest Ave.Mariscos (seafood)
Real Madrid2075 Forest Ave.Service.
Rinconcito Paisa1976 Forest AveLa comida es fresca (The food is fresh)
Rinconcito Paisa1976 Forest AvePor su comida (For their food)
Rinconcito Paisa1976 Forest AveBecause they have excellent meat and rice platanos.
Rinconcito Paisa 1976 Forest Ave The food is delicious Colombian food.
Royal CrownOld Town Rd. and Hylan Blvd.Big sandwich. Chocolate bread.
San Miguel RestaurantCary Ave. and Clove Rd.Because they make fresh tortillas
San Rasa 226 Bay Street Real cooking, good ingredients
SapporoRichmond Ave. and VictoryExcellent sushi and Thai Asian dishes
Seaside Turkish Restaurant124 Ocean Ave.The food tastes good.
Shop and Eat Halal1686 Forest AvenueThey serve the best middle eastern food on the North Shore. Always delicious and fresh.
ShopriteGoethals Rd.It has things people like.
ShopriteGoethals Rd.It has lots of stuff you need.
ShopriteForest Ave. and Richmond Ave.Great, friendly professional service
ShopriteRichmond Ave.Porque encuentro de todo (Because I can find everything)
St. George GreenmarketSt. Marks Place and Fort PlaceProducts
St. George GreenmarketSt. Marks Place and Fort PlaceFresh veggies and eggs, also fish.
Stone House RestaurantClove Lake ParkThe food and selection.
Stop & ShopRichmond Ave.Price is better.
Stop & ShopRichmond Ave. near SI ExpresswayGreat, friendly professional service.
Stop & ShopRichmond Ave. and LambertsHas variety.
Stop & ShopForest Ave.Me gusto porque encuentro todo lo que necesito y esta cerca de casa. (I like it because I find everything I need and it is close to home.)
Stop & ShopForest Ave.Porque encuentro lo que necesito. (Because I find what I need.)
TGIFRichmond Ave.Tasty meals.
The Hop Shoppe372 Van Duzer St.Interesting food choices, especially the General Tso's cauliflower!
Tienda Frutas y Abarrotes Mexico54 Victory Blvd.

Porque vende frutas frescas y verduras (Because you sell fresh fruit and vegetables)

Top TomatoVictory Blvd.Price is better.
Trader Joe's2385 Richmond Ave.Good organic products. No GMO.
Trader Joe'sRichmond Ave. and Nome Ave.REAL FOOD! Cheerful, ALWAYS friendly, food samples.
Trader Joe'sRichmond Ave. and Nome Ave.Always friendly, new foods to try, tastings.
Trader Joe'sRichmond Ave. and Nome Ave.New tastings all the time. Sells REAL FOOD.
VidaVan Duzer and BeachFresh food, produce bought locally, interesting dishes.
VidaVan Duzer StreetVida offers the best food, hands down, in all of Staten Island, eclectic and first-class all the way. In addition, the atmosphere is relaxing, with great music choices that don't intrude on conversation. If I don't go to Vida, I go somewhere in Manhattan,
Waterfall2012 Victory Blvd.Empty and excellent.
WazobiaBay St.Nigerian food with many vegetarian dishes on the menu.
Wendy'sForest Ave.Bacon cheeseburgers.
Western Beef Bay St. The vegetables are fresh. Bought collard greens--nice green and leafy
Western BeefForest Ave.Price is better.
Z-OneRichmond Ave.Because they have delicious food!
Z-OneRichmond Ave. 


The My Plate Challenges

Spanish My Plate

Mexican, Peruvian

The Mexican and Peruvian My Plate Challenge was held on October 31, 2014, in Port Richmond.


West African My Plate

West African

The West African My Plate Challenge was held at the YMCA New Americans Welcome Center, 465 Vanderbilt Ave., in Stapleton.


Sri Lankan My Plate

Sri Lankan

The Sri Lankan My Plate Showcase is in the works.


What's next?

What's next?

See what's on tap for 2017 and 2018!



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